Infection Control

Health and safety of the patient and staff are our clinic's first priority and infection control is taken very seriously. That is why we have implemented the most progressive and globally acknowledged infection control techniques

These include the following:

  • Barrier Techniques
    Doctors and their assistants wear disposable masks and caps & gloves.We wear sterile disposable coats, gloves, and caps during operations.
  • Disinfectant Wipe-Down of Surfaces
    Operative surfaces (table, machines, chairs, spittoon, etc.) are cleaned with special disinfection solutions before each patient's treatment.
  • Disposable Instruments
    Disposable instruments (scalpels, syringes, suction tips) of high quality are used during operations. After each patient's treatment these instruments are discarded to a special container.
  • Instrument Sterilization
    We use the most modern techniques for instrument disinfection and sterilization. Instruments are sterilized in autoclave with high heat and pressurized steam.
  • Sterilization Control
    All instruments for sterilization are packed in special bags with color changing indicators. Indicator strips changing colors are placed in autoclave between bags. Changing of all indicator colors gives assurance that sterilization has been carried out properly.

Therefore, when you are sitting in a dental chair and you hear the ripping sound of a bag opening, you can be sure - the instruments are sterile.