You've heard of the phrase a "winning smile" ... we love achieving that for all our patients. We offer quality specialist orthodontic care to children and adults alike. As technology advances, there are more braces than ever to choose from. Choosing from a comprehensive range of treatments, including invisible braces, our specialists provide bespoke treatment for lasting results to enable you to always smile with confidence.

Many adolescents are worried that their Braces will hurt, look ugly or uncool. However, we have so many different types of treatments available we can definitely find the right type for you. With modern technology, Braces are also much less bulky and go virtually unnoticed. Some Braces are clear and some have coloured brackets. We have Elastics in heaps of colours, so you can customize your Braces each time you visit.

Age can impact a number of different issues within the mouth and we generally recommend that you see an Orthodontist as early as possible. Treatment may not start immediately; however, getting a professional opinion early will ensure treatment will commence at the optimal age. Some early intervention maybe carried out by your Orthodontist to minimize future problems.